Group Advocacy

In 2010 the Board of Directors of   the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) joined with the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ,) an established pressure group to lobby the Government on issues affecting the financial sector, as well as to voice concerns on national issues.  That relationship still exists. JCCUL’s advocacy objectives, which encompass credit union and national issues, especially those which are divergent to the views of the PSOJ, are outlined below.


  • To advocate for a favourable environment for advantageous to the operations of credit unions as financial institutions.
  • To ensure public and Government recognition of credit unions and the League
  • To ensure media and public support of the Movement’s lobbying efforts
  • To seek public, Credit Union and Credit Union  members’ support for  national issues

Target Groups

  • Government ( agencies and  legislators)
  • Credit Unions & affiliate organizations
  • Credit Union Members
  • Mediac. public


The strategies used by JCCUL in its

  • Bringing the issues directly to the media through news releases, interviews, discussions,
    planned forums, scripted calls to talk shows.
  • Maintaining contact with the Clerk of the Houses of Parliament, and the assistant to the Minister of Finance in order to track legislation and to review the BOJ site on a daily basis.
  • Updating the relevant government agencies on the work of the Movement through briefs.
  • Maintaining contact with the Jamaica Information Service, and Jamaica House in order to access information from Parliament.
  • Purchasing related material from the Government’s Printing office on relevant documents, which will assist the League.
  • Subscribing to the Jamaica Gazette to keep abreast of Legislations passed by the Houses of Parliament
  • Inviting government/agency heads and leaders of the Movement to special functions including the League’s AGM.
  • Arranging press conferences
  • Engaging in National discussions using platforms of civic  groups
  • Hosting of breakfast meetings with task force and lobbying teams
  • Providing Informational flyers (post regulation) to dissemination to credit unions and their members and the public.