Public Relations

The GOAL of Public Relations in JCCUL’s Communication’s plan is:

To make the League more visible and the Credit Union Movement more appealing as a financial co-operative for savings and investments and ultimately to increase growth in savings, loans and membership in the Credit Union Movement.

This is done by:

  • Maintaining the visibility of the Movement in the financial marketplace
  • Promoting credit unions as safe and sound  savings co-operative
  • Creating awareness of the credit union system and the guiding principles
  • Portraying the Movement as a good corporate citizen
  • Lobbying on national issues and issues affecting the Credit Union Movement.
  • Maintaining contacts with Government functionaries and agencies.
  • Developing and maintaining contact with the media
  • Preserving the relationship between the League and its member credit unions through various incentive programmes

Target Groups

The Public Relations Programme targets:

  • Credit union members
  • Potential credit union members
  • Credit union leaders (managers, staff, volunteers)
  • Government functionaries and agencies
  • The general public
  • The media
  • Credit Union Affiliates