Support Services


The Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League (JCCUL) works to foster the growth and welfare of Credit Unions and its subsidiaries by providing support services, JCCUL:

  • Advocates for and represents credit unions
  • Promotes the Credit Union/Co-operative ethos and values
  • Manages the Credit Union of Jamaica Brand
  • Provides general marketing/ advertising/ PR support to the Movement
  • Conducts Market Research
  • Promotes and monitors customer service standards
  • Engenders regional and international co-operation
  • Facilitates national Strategic Planning and direction
  • Provides fora for Credit Unions to discuss and share ideas
  • Manages CPD online training
  • Promotes and monitors a risk management framework
  • Develops model policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Provides merger assistance
  • Promotes youth programmes
  • Promotes national financial literacy
  • Facilitates a robust Credit Union Managers’ Association
  • Provides Human Resource Development
  • Assists with bulk purchasing of stationery
  • Facilitates a payment and settlement system among Credit Unions
  • Provides the Access Plus switch for ATM Services