Access Plus Cards


The AccessPlus® Debit Mastercard® card can be used locally or globally, anywhere the Multilink, Mastercard or Cirrus brand is displayed. Mastercard is accepted for online, over the phone, in App or in-store purchases. The card can also be saved with favorite merchants to automatically pay for bills and subscriptions.

The AccessPlus® Debit Mastercard® allows members to make online purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted. It is a safe, simple and very convenient way to shop.

Emergencies can happen at any time, but with the AccessPlus® Debit Mastercard® members can enjoy their getaway without letting anything get in their way. Both our call centre and Mastercard Global service provide emergency card-related assistance, anytime, anywhere, via one toll-free phone call. Locally, via Credit Union call center (contact details can be found at the back of the card).

A card that gives peace of mind!

The Purchase Protection with Delivery Coverage provides reimbursement for the theft and/or accidental damage of purchased items, paid in full with the AccessPlus® Debit Mastercard®. Coverage is also provided in the event of non-delivery and/or incomplete delivery of the covered purchase*.

How to use
The safer way to pay

The safer way to pay

Your new AccessPlus® Debit Mastercard® provides enhanced security based on proven technology used worldwide. The card creates a unique one-time transaction code every time it is inserted in a chip payment terminal or an ATM.

Follow these 3 simple steps to use it with Chip and PIN:

The faster way to pay

The faster way to pay

Your AccessPlus® Debit Mastercard® has Contactless (Tap & Go) technology so you can enjoy a safer, faster, more convenient way to shop for anything!

It’s the most secure way to pay as your card never has to leave your hand.

Use your card Contactless in three simple steps:

The most convenient way to pay

The most convenient way to pay

The newAccessPlus® Debit Mastercard® can be used to shop Online and pay your bills as a regular debit card.
You can also use it In-Apps and register it to pay for your recurrent subscriptions.