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My Credit Union, My Family

The Credit Unions of Jamaica brand is a technologically savvy financial brand of choice equipped to provide a wide array of financial products and services.

Savings Plans
For everyone at
competitive rates!

Credit Unions offer a wide array of short-term and long-term savings plans at great interest rates! Examples: Deposits, Partner Plan, Golden Harvest, Youth Savers Account, etc.

ACCESS to loans!
We’ve got your back!

Credit Unions offer a wide variety of loan packages to suit the needs of their members. Loans are grouped according to Secured, Unsecured, Consumer/ Personal, Education loans, lines of credit, mortgage and home improvement loans, insurance premium financing, etc.

Your loans and savings are INSURED!

The Credit Union promotes financial security through insurance offerings such as; Family Indemnity Plan, Loan Protection, Life Insurance, General Insurance, etc.

Manage your money
on your time

Credit Unions offer convenient services such as; Direct deposits, AccessPlus Debit Card, Credit Union ATMs, online banking, automated lending, telephone banking, bill payment, etc.

Other Services
We Offer

Wire transfers, insurance services, managers cheques, drop off box, standing orders, FX Cambio, Remittances, safe deposit box, field services, salary deduction etc